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We are pleased to announce that our xEV Strategies division has been acquired by our affiliate company, Retriev Technologies.

Part of our family of recycling brands, Retriev is well-poised to meet the expansive growth and demand for comprehensive battery management and innovative repair/reuse platforms. Now backed by the power of The Heritage Group and KBI's reputation as trusted solution providers to dealers and auto manufacturers domestically and internationally, xEV Strategies at Retriev will continue to lead the industry across North America with exceptional xEV solutions.

About xEV Strategies

Large-format batteries from Hybrid and Electric Vehicles and stationary grid applications require specialized services that go above and beyond what is required for the typical consumer battery. Large-format batteries are complex and can be dangerous if handled improperly. KBI's expert knowledge in all areas of battery management is crucial to ensuring proper safety and regulatory guidance.

Our xEV Strategies Division provides dedicated, specialized services to the automobile manufacturing industry, as well as any other companies in the business of manufacturing, selling, or maintaining large-format batteries.

Our expertise includes refurbishment and rejuvenation of failing batteries, logistical movement of batteries from one location to another, controlled storage of batteries to ensure expected life is maintained, and various field services as needed.

Services Offered by xEV Strategies

Battery Refurbishment

KBI has the ability to refurbish failing batteries, by identifying and replacing individual components not functioning properly. In cases where a battery cannot be refurbished, individual components can be reclaimed for reuse in fully reconstructed batteries instead.


Battery Testing

We can determine the cause of battery failure so it can be prevented in the future through services like failure mode analysis, general battery testing, and other customer specific functions.


Transportation and Logistics

Our trusted staff is trained and certified in hazardous materials management. KBI can also provide logistical support for moving large-format batteries to and from automotive dealer locations, battery testing labs, or any other location.


Vehicle and Component Destruction

KBI offers secure destruction for vehicles that have been brought into the U.S. on temporary import bond or for program vehicles that have served their intended purpose. We can also provide destruction services for any components or parts that need secure disposition.


New Battery Storage and Distribution

We offer secure storage and distribution of new EV and Hybrid batteries for our automotive OEM customers.  KBI services our clients’ needs by managing their battery supply chain for their dealer networks.  This allows our customers to work with a single entity that transports products to their dealers and recover EOL batteries for proper management and recycling.


Field Services and Battery Recovery

KBI provides field services support for damaged batteries.  Should a battery be involved in an accident, or is otherwise nonresponsive, KBI offers recovery options including field packaging, packaging materials, documentation, and transportation. 

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