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Preventing Catalytic Converter Theft

In an effort to curb the theft of working catalytic converters from unsuspecting vehicle owners, the California legislature passed B&P Code 21610, which requires those buying used converters to retain detailed records of every purchase made and to make those records available to the authorities upon request.

Business to Business Requirements

The California State Legislature has recognized the rigorous record keeping and payment requirements of B&P Code 21610 should not apply to valid business to business transactions. 

B&P Code 21610(I) - “the provisions of this section do not apply to a core recycler who holds a written agreement with a business or recycler regarding the transactions.”

KBI, however, is required to collect all information necessary to prove it is transacting business with a valid business. Such information includes: (1) Business Name; (2) Physical Address; (3) Telephone Number; and (4) Business License, Tax ID Number, or Auto Repair Dealer License. In addition, KBI is required to capture a Valid Driver's License from any individual delivering a converter to its location.

Sellers that do not currently have a Business License, Tax ID Number, or Auto Repair Dealer License, may apply for one of these business identifiers by following the links above. Please be aware that a California Seller's Permit is not considered sufficient proof of a valid business entity and will not be accepted.