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Responsible recycling with a global perspective.

Permit Information

RCRA Permit
Permit No: 98-SC-003
EPA ID No: CAD088504881
Issued By: California Department of Health Services, Toxic Substances Control Division

Industrial Waste Water Discharge
Permit No. 02-1-424
Issued By: Orange County Sanitation

Air Pollution Control Equipment
Permit Nos: DO1984, DO1985, F90918, F90917, 474205, 474203, 474204, 470424
Issued By: South Coast AQMD

Environmental Compliance & Worker Safety ​

General & Environmental Impairment Liability Insurance

  • General Liability - $1 Million each occurrence; $2 Million aggregate

  • Pollution Liability - $1 Million each occurrence; $2 Million aggregate

  • Umbrella Liability - $9 Million each occurrence; $9 Million aggregate

ISO 14001 Certification
KBI is certified under the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS). EM Systems are used by organizations to improve resource efficiency, reduce waste, and drive down costs. ISO 14001 provides assurances to company management and employees, as well as external stakeholders, that KBI's environmental impact is continually being measured and improved.

Worker Compensation Insurance
KBI carries Workers Compensation Insurance in the required statutory limits as prescribed by the State of California.

Worker Training
We provide a comprehensive initial 3-day HAZWOPER training course, with annual 8-hour refreshers to all operations personnel, meeting the stringent requirements of both Cal/OSHA and the DTSC. We also provide all other required OSHA training, as well as DOT training, as necessary. These training courses are designed to enable workers to perform their jobs safely and effectively within the complex workings of a Hazardous Waste TSD Facility.

Worker Medical Surveillance
For the safety of our workers, we have detailed medical surveillance and monitoring programs as prescribed by regulation, and as required by job duties.

Inspection Records
We perform daily inspections of our facilities. Inspections are done on all treatment and storage areas. Separate maintenance and equipment inspections are also performed. Detailed inspection records are kept for a period of at least three years.

Regulatory Approach
Our strict Environmental and Safety controls and daily inspections ensure that treatment and storage areas are compliant and that equipment is properly maintained. The management team is responsible for guiding the direction of the company, toward continual improvement in the Environmental, Health and Safety arena. Our program includes developing and maintaining a culture of safety and environmental compliance within the workforce, implementing appropriate programs and management systems to improve the health and safety of the employees, and monitoring regulatory changes and trends. This allows us to maintain compliance with current Environmental, Health and Safety Regulations.

Environmental & Exposure Monitoring
KBI conducts personal air monitoring for lead on a quarterly basis. Cadmium and other constituents are monitored periodically as deemed necessary by our Environmental Health and Safety Department. Wastewater discharge is monitored on a quarterly basis.

Certificates of Acceptance & Recycling
We issue Certificates of Acceptance and Recycling for customers that need proof that their materials have been properly managed. Certificates are issued upon request.

Closure Cost Responsibility
KBI maintains financial assurances in the event that our recycling facility requires cleanup upon its closure.  This financial assurance is funded via a trust account (currently in excess of $1,000,000), and is adjusted annually to reflect standard cost of living increases.

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