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Social purpose. Sustainable solutions. Environmental leadership. 

KBI’s Sustainability Philosophy and Promise

Technology advancements and globalization are constant and dynamic.  Each and every company today is faced with the daunting challenge of staying abreast of innovation, managing climate and environmental risk, developing and reporting sustainability strategies and making their unique business model and practices appealing to investors and customers with socially and environmentally sound policies, philosophies, and governance.  Here’s how KBI’s knowledge, expertise, integrity and social responsibility commitment enable us to successfully partner with forward-thinking organizations to help industrial manufacturers, corporations, government agencies, utilities and a myriad of eco conscious business partners to deliver the safety, environmental integrity and peace of mind that they strive for.  

KBI and our family of recycling brands recognize that a socially conscientious approach to business, human resources, and to the environment, leads to a sustainable future.  For over 50 years, our multi-generational family business has focused on striving for unsurpassed excellence in recycling practices, environmental integrity and dimensionally different safety, training, tracking and management disciplines with cut to fit recycling solutions that are continually evolving and improving.   

KBI has diverted hundreds of millions of pounds of materials from the waste stream and returned these materials back into products, thus creating a closed loop model for sustainability, circularity, and conservation that we are proud to lead. Our efforts have removed thousands of tons of lead from landfills, and returned finite resources, such as cobalt, nickel, and precious platinum group metals back to the supply chain, with the highest level of environmental excellence, compliance, oversight and management.  

Our human resources are our most precious resource.  Nothing is more important to us than ensuring the health and safety of our team, our community, our environment. From superb training, to detailed medical and safety surveillance and monitoring, we pride ourselves on maintaining a culture of safety excellence and compliance, adhering to strict environmental safety controls, and exceeding, rather than meeting guidelines for excellence in environmental safety in the workplace and with transportation protocols.  Additionally, we strive for continued improvement.  Training, education, tracking and reporting is critical to our success, and environmental integrity and responsibility is shared by both management and employees, alike.  From best people to best practices, we strive to be an organization that cares about people, about the environment, about education, about our clients and our community. 

Recycling and environmental management is top of mind in 2021, and the next 10 years are critical to ensuring the future.  But sustainability and reducing environmental impact is not a new concept or objective for the KBI team.  For over 50 years, we’ve been leading the recycling industry in creating proprietary technologies and processes, designing and developing sustainable closed loop solutions, and preserving resources for future generations.  We pride ourselves on being the ultimate downstream recyclers that industry trusts.  

Most importantly, we believe that social purpose and environmental leadership is our responsibility and mission, domestically and internationally.  Impacting lives today and tomorrow and driving positive change to ensure a better world is a constant challenge and privilege.  Our team and strategies are focused on our ability to adapt, innovate and consistently deliver exceptional, safe and sustainable recycling practices and custom solutions to help our customers, partners and strategic alliances preserve resources for future generations.  


We're KBI. Transforming the way we use our finite resources.  

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