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Safe and environmentally conscious processing.

​About Converter Recycling​

Catalytic Converters are used by almost every vehicle on the road today. First introduced in the mid-70s, Catalytic Converters were mandated as an emission control device to greatly reduce the toxic constituents produced by a vehicles exhaust system.

This reduction occurs through the catalyzing of toxic constituents with Platinum Group Metals (PGMs), such as Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium. KBI has the ability to capture the value of these PGMs. 

KBI has attained a great reputation in the Scrap Catalytic Converter Recovery industry by always providing our customers with the utmost in quality service, convenient drop-off or pick-up options, and the most competitive prices on the West Coast.

Anti-Theft Policies

KBI adheres to a strict anti-theft policy, complying with all guidelines and requirements of California B&P Code 21610.

Why Sell us your Catalytic Converters?

Most Value for your Converters

Not all converters are created equal. The value of a catalytic converter is dependent on the amount of Platinum Group Metals that it contains. Thankfully, KBI maintains a detailed database of Catalytic Converters to provide the highest, most accurate value possible.


Local Convenience, Global Presence

Currently one of the largest recyclers of Catalytic Converters in Southern California, KBI can provide comprehensive pickup and delivery services for those with catalytic converters. In addition, KBI employs sales agents that are willing to travel throughout the country to purchase converters. KBI can even conduct business with international collectors of Catalytic Converters.



KBI has specialized in the recovery and recycling of Platinum Group Metals from Catalytic Converters for over 35 years. This experience means KBI has the ability to quickly evaluate your converters and get you the best price for your materials.


State of the Art Lab & Processing

Our catalyst division features sophisticated analytical capabilities, including ICP, AA, and XRF.  For more information, or for a tour of our lab facility, please contact


Environmental Compliance & Safety

KBI maintains stringent programs to ensure that we stay in compliance with all State and Federal environmental and worker safety laws. Further, to ensure everyone's safety and protection, we maintain an array of insurance coverages, including general liability, workers compensation, and environmental liability. 

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